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Whether you are buying a home or selling a property, you can rely on Chandler Valuation to help you determine your property’s value. We have more than 16 years of combined experience and knowledge in our field. In that time, we have appraised more than 3,000 properties.

Services Offered


Marriage Dissolution/Divorce Appraisal

Whether the dissolution of a marriage occurs through divorce, settlement, or mediation, one of the major decisions the divorcing couple has to make is what to do with their marital home. Generally, the involved parties have two options: they can sell the house and split the proceeds equally or one party can buy the other out.

Regardless of their choice, it’s important to have the shared residence appraised. Knowing the value of the shared residence will allow for a fair distribution of marital assets.

For a timely and precise valuation of marital real estate, you can depend on Chandler Valuation. We are highly experienced in performing valuations, and we handle all divorce appraisal cases with the sensitivity and tact they require.

Selling Price Appraisal

If your property has not been appraised or if no homes near you have been valued recently, it may be difficult to choose a selling price. To avoid underselling your home, find out how much it is worth with the help of our team. This may save you thousands of dollars.


Loan Appraisal

In most cases, lenders require an appraisal before they approve a mortgage application. This helps them ensure that the buyer is not trying to get more money than the property is actually worth. In addition, it lets them know whether the property could sell for the same amount they are lending the buyer.

If you are planning on buying a new home, make sure to get the property appraised by a qualified professional. To learn more about our home valuation process, reach out to our team.

Estate Appraisal

In many cases, estate assets need to be split among the decedent’s beneficiaries. These assets may include a real property. If you plan on selling the decedent’s real estate and distributing the proceeds among beneficiaries, knowing the property’s value is essential.

At Chandler Valuation, we understand that this is an emotionally challenging time for you and your family. You can trust us to take the burden of property valuation from your shoulders and put your mind at ease. We will value the property correctly so that you and your family can receive what you deserve.


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